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BOX SET Review

Product review - Rebecca L,  UK

I recently received by Peter Rabbit Gift Set from Azana Gifts and I am absolutely thrilled. First of all, the packaging was very pretty,  Inside there is a soft plush Peter Rabbit toy, three personalised Peter Rabbit books, and personalised bookends.


Peter Rabbit Little
Book of Virtue

I bought this set for my three year old nephew for his Birthday and his face lit up when he saw his much loved character. He was even more thrilled when he noticed his own name on all of the books and the bookends.


Peter Rabbit Little
Book of Harmony

I picked this gift because I knew the books and bookends would be kept for many years in my nephew’s room, and he would enjoy the stories time and time again. The addition of the soft plush gives him something that he can play with on a daily basis.


Peter Rabbit
Plush Toy

I have noticed that many of the other personalised Peter Rabbit book sets on the market do not offer the same level of personalisation that Azana does. Azana not only prints a name on the front of the books, but a personal message can also be printed on the opening page of each of the books. This additional option was very attractive to me because whilst my nephew can’t read the inscription just yet, I am sure it will serve as a wonderful memory in the years to come.  


Bookend Stop

The bookends themselves are made from quality solid wood and the personalisation is done really nicely. I was impressed with how sturdy they are, and am confident they will cope with many books.

The stories within the books are fabulous and witty pieces of advice that are as amusing for the parents reading them as they are enjoyable for the children. The books on harmony, virtue, and life, offer some great advice and are a wonderful twist on the original stories. My sister tells me that my nephew loves looking at all of the illustrations and naming all of his favourite characters.

Beatrix Potter, and Peter Rabbit more specifically have really stood the test of time. It was a favourite of mine as a child and it is more loved than ever at the moment with the popularity of the Peter Rabbit TV show on CBeebies. It is my niece’s birthday next and I will be coming back to Azana again for another stunning and memorable gift.

If you are looking for that premier present then this personalised ‘Peter Rabbit gift box’ set is a wonderful choice for the toddler. With their name on every page, the child will love engaging with this book, which has been made especially for them.

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