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RAF Centenary Pictorial
Personalised Book Special 

This attractive personalised pictorial newspaper book is sure to delight flight fans and history enthusiasts alike. It offers an extensive look at the distinguished and proud one hundred year history of Britain’s Royal Air Force told through various newspaper headlines and coverage from over the years.

This carefully curated RAF newspaper book includes more than 160 pages of coverage about the Royal Air Force, and every page is full of fascinating articles and memorable images scanned from a variety of original newspapers and publications published during the last century. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for the perfect RAF gift or perhaps even to treat themselves to a detailed record of this important British institution.

Both a historical document and an entertaining read, this unique newspaper gift offers the reader the chance to see the moments that made history in the way that they were reported by newspapers and journalists at the time.

Stretching back to the beginnings of the RAF from when it was first founded on 1 April 1918, the newspaper book includes many of the significant headlines and journalism of the past one hundred years, demonstrating how the RAF has been an integral part of Britain’s defences.

The newspaper book also includes both full colour and black and white photography of RAF aircraft and key figures that document its exciting heritage, right through to modern times.

History buffs will enjoy reading newspaper articles that recall key moments in RAF history and provide an insight into the background of British aviation.

For example, they can read about King George V inspecting the new fleet of RAF aircraft when the air force first began, or learn about the role played by the RAF and British aircraft during World War 1 and 2 including the many tales of true heroism and bravery that were displayed during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

It’s an opportunity to find out more about aircraft such as the classic design of the de Havilland Tiger Moth or the Spitfire fighter aircraft right through to the modern-day jets used by today’s RAF pilots and learn how they have all made their mark on British aviation.

This is a book that readers will return to again and again as they continue to dip into the pages and browse through the numerous newspaper articles and photographs, travelling through time to explore the rich history of the RAF.

If you’re looking for an aviation gift for someone special, Personalised gifts are always a popular choice particularly when you are looking for a memorable gift for a special occasion that they will always remember.

This large scale, high quality A3 book is sure to please its recipient thanks to the beautifully bound black hardback cover that is gold embossed and can be personalised with the name of the person receiving the book. As well as the personalisation on the cover, the title page can be customised with the name of the recipient too and if required, a personal message or dedication of your choice can also be added.

To further enhance the luxury feel of this exclusive keepsake, the personalised book is presented in a Remember When gift box. The luxury black gift box is designed in a similar style to the book itself and is included in the overall price, helping to make this a wonderful gift they will treasure forever.

It is these personal touches that really help to make this a thoughtful and extra special birthday gift or anniversary gift for a loved one who enjoys reading about aviation and the celebrated history of the RAF.

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